We specialize in this unique form of cakery: free of refined sugars or wheat flours, while being raw (no temperatures above 118 degrees) and vegan. 

The cakes and pastries rely primarily on nut flours, coconut, agave and cacao powder for their delicious flavor and familiar texture.

They may not be the typical cake, but neither are you! Please see our menu below (click the top headings to see all 4 pages) and email info@cestlaurenvie.com to place an order.  More ordering details may be found at the bottom of the menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the labor involved making raw cakes, 7-10 days advanced notice is required on all orders.  Payment is required in full at the time the order is placed. Orders canceled with less that 72 hours notice may not be refunded and all orders are subject to availability.  

Substitutions may not be made, although we are very happy to offer suggestions and recommendations! Please email cestlaurenvie@gmail.com with any questions.

Please be advised if you have an allergy or dietary restriction: All cakes, pastries and truffles from Native Cakes are inherently free of gluten, dairy and eggs, but they are made on shared equipment so we can not guarantee they are free from cross-contamination. 

Chocolate Strawberry Cake -  Photo by   Tiago Ramos

Chocolate Strawberry Cake - Photo by Tiago Ramos